Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Points: Installation and Maintenance for Commercial Sites

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In the bustling streets of the UK, the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs) isn’t just a trend; it’s a revolution. At Surecare Solutions, we’ve been at the forefront of this transition, helping commercial sites become part of a greener future. The installation and maintenance of EV charging points have become a significant part of our service offerings, reflecting the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure. Let’s delve into the world of EV charging points, drawing on our years of experience to guide you through installation and upkeep.

Understanding EV Charging Points

The Different Types

EV charging points come in various shapes and sizes, each serving a different need. From slow chargers perfect for overnight charging to rapid chargers that get your customers back on the road in minutes, choosing the right type is crucial. We’ve seen first-hand how the right selection makes all the difference. For instance, installing rapid chargers at a shopping centre provided a quick top-up option for shoppers, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction.

Technological Advancements

The technology behind EV charging is constantly evolving. We pride ourselves on staying abreast of these developments, ensuring our clients have access to the most efficient and reliable solutions available. Our work with cutting-edge, app-integrated systems has revolutionised how users interact with charging points, offering a seamless charging experience.

Planning for EV Charging Point Installation

Assessing Your Needs

Before diving into installation, it’s vital to assess your site’s specific needs. How many charging points are required? What’s the expected vehicle turnover? We’ve assisted clients in navigating these questions, ensuring their infrastructure is both adequate for today and scalable for tomorrow.

Choosing the Right Location

Location is everything. Charging points need to be accessible yet not obstructive. Through careful planning and site surveys, we’ve helped clients identify the perfect spots, balancing visibility with practicality. A well-placed charging station can significantly enhance user convenience, encouraging more EV users to frequent the site.

Compliance and Regulations

Navigating the maze of regulations and standards can be daunting. Thankfully, our expertise in UK compliance has smoothed this process for numerous clients, ensuring installations go off without a hitch. Partnering with accredited installers like Surecare Solutions guarantees that your charging points meet all legal requirements.

The Installation Process

The installation of EV charging points is a meticulous process, requiring precision and expertise. From the initial consultation to the final checks, Surecare Solutions ensures every step is executed flawlessly. Our project at a large office complex, involving multiple charging stations, was a testament to our team’s dedication, finishing ahead of schedule and exceeding client expectations.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Routine Checks and Servicing

Regular maintenance is the key to the longevity of your EV charging stations. Our comprehensive service packages ensure that your charging points remain in top condition, minimising downtime and maintaining user satisfaction. From firmware updates to physical inspections, we cover it all.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Issues will inevitably arise, but our proactive approach to troubleshooting has saved our clients time and money. For example, a client faced recurring connectivity issues with their chargers. Our swift diagnosis and solution not only resolved the problem but also enhanced the system’s overall reliability.

Financial Incentives and Support

The financial aspect of installing EV charging points can seem overwhelming, but there’s a silver lining. Government grants and subsidies are available to offset installation costs. Our experience navigating these applications has proven invaluable to our clients, maximising their investment and supporting the UK’s push towards electrification.

Drawing to a Close

The transition to electric vehicles is a critical component of the UK’s environmental strategy, and commercial sites have a pivotal role to play. Investing in EV charging infrastructure is not only a nod to sustainability but also a smart business move, attracting a growing demographic of EV users.

Our journey with clients, from initial consultations to ongoing maintenance, highlights the importance of choosing a knowledgeable and experienced partner. Surecare Solutions is committed to ensuring your venture into EV charging is as seamless and rewarding as possible.


To wrap up, let’s address some common queries we encounter:

How long does installation take?

The duration varies depending on the project’s scale and complexity. However, we pride ourselves on efficient project management, keeping disruptions to your business to a minimum.

What’s the cost involved?

Costs can vary widely based on the type of chargers and installation specifics. We offer transparent quotes, ensuring you understand every aspect of the investment.

What maintenance is required?

Regular inspections and servicing are crucial. Our maintenance packages are designed to keep your charging points in prime condition, offering peace of mind and reliability.


Choosing to install EV charging points at your commercial site is a step towards a greener, more sustainable future. At Surecare Solutions, we’re not just installing chargers; we’re building the infrastructure for tomorrow’s transportation. Contact us today to begin your journey towards electrification.

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